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Full time
Burlington, ON

Job Purpose: Assemble wiring harnesses according to the schematic drawing provided.

Production Duties:

• Assemble wiring harnesses according to the schematic drawing provided
• Cut cable of various gauges using tools provided
• Strip wire of various gauges using either hand stripper tool or electric stripping machine
• Solder wires to terminals and connectors
• Crimp contacts onto wire using hand crimper or pneumatic tool as specified
• Use heat gun to apply heat shrink to cable
• Print and applying identification labels
• Check drawing before assembly
• Assemble all types of production cables
• Write Manufacture Procedures for cables
• Correctly complete required and applicable production forms (electronic or hard-copy), documents, etc and ensure proper storage and easy retrieval.
• Work as a team to assist other technicians when required.
• Complete inspections in accordance with the Quality procedures established, Including all record keeping as per company policy.
• Quality inspection on receiving as required.
• Other related duties as required or assigned.
• May involve some heavy lifting as required.

Other Duties:

• Identifies health and safety concerns and present the information/concern to your direct Supervisor or Manager
• Follows the company’s health and safety practices and policies at all times
• Notify your direct Supervisor or Manager if training (or retraining) is required or if a required certification is coming due
• To be punctual and ready for work – (refer to the Company’s Human Resources Policies)
• To be ready for work with all appropriate equipment – (refer to the Company’s Health and Safety Manual)
• Ensure that product packaging is done in accordance with the Company’s work standard and that all applicable inspections are done thoroughly and proof of inspection is noted in the appropriate document/system (i.e. electronic or via signature)
• Ensure all personnel adhere to company procedures for the safeguarding of Controlled Goods, and advise management of any deficiencies, or breaches.


• Crimping, Soldering, Stripping and Cutting Cable
• Problem-solving skills (i.e. identify problem causes; determine steps to resolve; assess solution)
• Knowledge and practical experience with computer systems (i.e. Excel, Word)
• Communicate clearly, strong listening skills and ability to follow instructions

Educational/Experience Requirements:

• High School diploma
• Electronics Technology background and education an asset.
• Aptitude Test
• Suitable job related experience

Post ID:
Company: BHC Cable Assemblies Inc.
Hours: Full time
Wage: $15.00/hour
Status: Permanent
How to apply:

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