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Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program | Employers           


  • Employer Liaisons will help your business connect with apprentices that are a good fit for your company and provide access to high quality apprentices who are job ready with: 
    • hands-on experience and shop floor training
    • trade specific safety certifications
    • personal protective equipment
    • a basic toolkit related to their trade
  • Program staff provide support and guidance to streamline the apprenticeship process and reduce administrative burden
  • Opportunity to participate in a shared apprenticeship consortia with other companies to help your company increase the skill level of your apprentices
  • Assistance in accessing Government sponsored incentives, such as the Graduated Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (GAGE), and other financial supports to offset the cost of training apprenticeships. 
  • Resources and support to help you build or maintain your apprenticeship training program and enhance the mentorship and coaching skills of participating Journeypersons
  • Support to connect to other resources and help you build a stronger and more skilled workforce

More information about our Journeyperson and Appreticeship Trainer: Coaching and Mentoring Workshop

More information about our Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program

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