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Employment Services | Job Seekers

Employment Specialists will help you

  • Map out your career path to a meaningful employment
  • Upgrade your resume to fit today's recruitment practices and applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Search for the job that is right for you and provide guidance with online applications
  • Improve your LinkedIn account and profile
  • Build a LinkedIn networking strategy
  • Practice your interview skills one on one with a mock interview
  • Take online career assessments to find out if there is another career which may suit you
  • Navigate the application process for EI
  • Find out what's happening in the labour market
  • Learn about possible financial assistance and funding for re-training
  • Register for our virtual workshops on everything job search and training related!

Free Access to Resources


Tip Sheets

  • Resume Format and Structure
  • Job Specific Resume Examples
  • Job Boards and Websites for Job Searching
  • Interview Skills
  • Online Social Networking
  • International Credentials Assessment
  • Trades and Apprenticeships

Assessments for Career Exploration​

  • COPSystem – All in one assessment that assesses your abilities, interests and values and helps you line up which careers could be a good match based on this  
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI ®) – Identifies your personality type out of 16 different possibilities. This is helpful in identifying natural strengths and work environment preferences.
  • Personality Dimensions® – This assessment is often done in a group workshop setting. It identifies 4 different personality types, their strengths and blind spots and how this can translate into work preferences.
  • Strong Interest Inventory® – Assess how your interests align with different occupations
  • Career Cruising – Assessments that you can do independently which look at your interests as well as your learning style

Recent Testimonials

Working with Pippa was like having my own personal cheerleader who isn’t your family. It felt so good to have a professional in my corner who knows about today’s recruiting practices and can share relevant knowledge but from an employer's perspective. Just from working on my resume my outlook on the job search process improved immensely and my confidence grew. Pippa helped me find a new job after 35 years in the same company in just a few months.

Joedi A.

For me the most impressive or the most valuable takeaway came from interview preparation and later working through a decision-making process when I was presented with multiple job offers. They went into such details in the interview prep stage that they would give me feedback on how I sound over the phone, or how to say things a little differently, how to be more confident. Having an employment professional prepare you for an interview is invaluable.

  Jessie L.

I struggled to find the job on my own as I have a disability. I needed someone to help me find a job that is suitable for me, something I can do well. From the moment I came to Centre for Skills I felt that I will be well taken care of here. They helped me prepare my resume, do a job search based on what I wanted and not based on what is available out there. They practiced interviewing with me and in the end I had a job that is perfect for me.

Shannon H.

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We support job seekers across all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience and skill. 

If you would like to participate in any of our events but are restricted by your access to technology or a disability that impacts your ability to participate, please phone Elizabeth Adebola at: 905-333-3499 x 459 or email: elizabeth.adebola@centreforskills.ca so we can discuss possible accommodations.


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This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.