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Employment Ontario programs and services are funded in part by the Government of Canada
and the Government of Ontario and through the Canada-Ontario Job Agreement.

Nous n’offrons aucun service en français. Pour des services ou des formations en français : 905-842-2486 ou www.hmcconnections.com


Get more out of your workforce with employee training, and build your team with recruitment assistance.

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Skilled Trades

Our programs get students trained for rewarding careers in less than half the time of similar college programs.

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Job Seekers

Visit one of our sites to use job search resources, or book a free appointment with one of our Employment Advisors.

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Learn more about our free services for qualified immigrants new to Canada.


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Develop new or build on existing skills with our academic upgrading and training programs.

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Check out our Calendar of Events to learn more about our upcoming workshops, programs and events taking place at all of our locations.


Centre News

Congratulations you got your first job in Canada!  Your big day is coming up and you are both excited and nervous. Besides the job description and your first week of orientation what else do you need to know? . . A LOT MORE THAN YOUR THINK….what about Canadian Workplace Culture? Sorry what? 

Workplace Culture, refers to shared patterns of behavior, beliefs, customs, traditions, and values in a work setting. You might be qualified for a position, but your success as a worker will mostly be based on your ability to communicate well within the expectations of that workplace. 
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What Are Your Salary Expectations? . . . Eek! Gasp! Yikes!

Ouch, the dreaded interview question that’s asked.

What do you say? And most importantly, how do ask for what you think you deserve?

Newcomers, you are not alone if this question makes you nervous or unsure of how to answer it. Most English speaking Canadians worry about it too. Part of it’s related to Canadian culture as we don’t often discuss our incomes even with our closest friends. In addition, if your expectation is too low, a company may pay you peanuts and if too high, they may not want you and think you’re greedy.

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You heard of a great job and thought you would apply. Guess what? They now want to interview you next week. Congratulations! This is exciting and a big deal.  Feeling nervous about interviewing for your first major job in Canada?  Try to relax, take a deep breath, you are not alone and that is completely normal. Still nervous, right? 

Here comes the hard part, most Canadian workplaces do not tell you what the questions will be ahead of time. How do you prepare? 

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