Employee Training

The right training helps you increase employee productivity, engagement, retention and ultimately your bottom line. We offer customized, technical skilled trades training programs for your employees.

Skilled Trades Training

Centre for Skills Development has over 20 years of experience providing skilled trades training.

We partner with businesses to provide specialized technical training for employees in the areas of construction, electrical, millwright and machinist trades.

We work closely with you to identify the right mix of industry-specific skills and other workplace essential skills to best suit your unique business needs. We will collaborate with your company to design a focused curriculum taught by our highly qualified instructors in our 17,000 square feet of modern trades shops.

The result? A skilled and knowledgeable workforce aligned with your business culture.

To find out more about a skilled trades training partnership, contact Mike Harwood at mike.harwood@centreforskills.ca or 905.333.3499 x 107.