Skilled Trades training that gets you ready to earn in a matter of weeks!

Skilled Trades | Why Choose Us?

At Centre for Skills we currently offer instrucation and training to help you get into the following trades:
  • Industrial Electrical
  • Machining
  • Industrial Millwright
  • Carpentry and Construction

Careers in Skilled Trades

Skilled trades are essential for Canada’s economy. Some of the reasons why the Skilled Trades are worth pursuing: 
  • Diversity in jobs 
  • Trade schools: cheaper and quicker 
  • Earn while you learn 
  • Labour market demands and job security 
  • ​High job satisfaction and earning potential 

Our Skilled Trades pre-apprenticeship and career exploration programs get students trained for rewarding careers in less than half the time of similar college programs.

What you'll like about our our programs

  • Job-ready in just over 6 months and over 90% placement rates
  • Small class sizes with hands-on practical training (70-80% of the time in the shop)
  • No additional academic electives required
  • Instructors with significant industry experience

All skilled trades training programs take place at our skilled trades site: 3335 North Service Road, Burlington.


Home Renovation For Newcomers

This 22-week program combines practical hands-on training with theory instruction and small business management training, providing a relevant skill set, and safety certifications.

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Industrial Millwright Mechanic & Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Program For Youth

This 24-week free pre-apprenticeship program offers training in three trades; Industrial Millwright, Mechanic and Electrical. Students graduate with a relevant skill set, experience and safety certifications to embark on a career path in the industrial sector.

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Women in Skilled Trades: Enhanced General Carpentry

This 22 - week free pre-apprenticeship program provides eligible women with the tools, skills and professional training to launch a career in the residential construction industry.

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Get in Gear

This free 10-week career and trades exploration program helps youth find the path that is right for them while receiving hands-on experience in construction, manufacturing and electrical trades, followed by a 10-week paid work placement.

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Skilled Trades Assessment Readiness

This free literacy and basic skills training program will help you prepare for assessment often required to attend skilled trades pre-apprenticeship and apprenticehip programs. 

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